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  • Boosting the calcium content of milk?

    Boosting the calcium content of milk?

    Selecting a suitable source to boost the calcium content of milk can be a challenge. Soluble forms impact the flavour and produce sediments, whereas insoluble forms impart a gritty mouth-feel and chalky taste. Our new stabilised Tricalcium Phosphate AAS® is a cost-effective calcium alternative that will not affect the flavour or mouth-feel of milk. [Read more…]

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  • High bioavailability

    High bioavailability

    The belief that our minerals should be highly bioavailable and utilised by the body was critical to their development, after all, isn’t that why consumers choose fortified foods? Their high bioavailability has been extensively studied and validated, with more than thirty scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals. [Read more…]

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  • Iron-fortification of dairy

    Iron-fortification of dairy

    The well documented difficulties in fortifying milk with highly bioavailable iron lead to the development of our encapsulated iron, Biofer®. Since its launch, Biofer® has been added to a range of dairy foods including milk, yoghurt and infant formula, as well as to soy milk, liquid breakfasts and more. [Read more…]

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  • Range of minerals

    Range of minerals

    Mineral fortified foods provide a convenient way for consumers to incorporate extra minerals into their diet while providing an opportunity for food and beverage manufacturers to respond to the trend to healthier diets. We offer a range of stabilised minerals to help you fortify your new product. [Read More…]

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